Hello to my English-speaking visitors


Although the majority of the website is offered only in German, below you will find the most important information regarding my dolls, me the doll maker, custom orders, prices and Mariengold patterns and tutorials for doll clothes and doll making.

If you have any further questions, I warmly welcome you to write me at hello@mariengold.net.

If you want to read my website in your language, please use an online translator, for example the one from Google.


My name is Maria and I am a doll designer, author and communications graduate from Berlin. After concluding my studies at the Berlin University of the Arts, I started my own business with the label Mariengold in 2007.

I design and fashion professionally hand-made dolls, and publish eBooks with do-it-yourself tutorials for dolls and doll clothes. I teach local doll making classes regularly and write a blog that offers articles relating to dolls and doll making, as well as colorful accounts from my workshop and my life.

You can find my doll portfolio here.

My webshops can be found at Etsy. There I sell dolls, eBooks for the making of dolls and doll clothes, as well as material kits & supply for doll making.

How to Buy a Mariengold Doll

Custom orders are welcome. If you want to order a doll, write to me at hello@mariengold.net. Please see prices and details below.

The waiting time for a commissioned Mariengold doll is two to three weeks at the moment. Just send me a short note and we will discuss the details. Find inspiration for your custom doll here.


30 cm doll child 195 Euros
40 cm doll child 215 Euros
30 cm baby doll 195 Euros
45 cm baby doll 225 Euros

My dolls do have a tiny nose, a neck (except the baby dolls), well movable arms and legs, a bellybutton, simple buttocks and hair with strands made of mohair yarn as well as ears, freckles, dimples on elbows and knees, a buttom cleft, extra weight and a magnetic pacifier on demand. One outfit is included.

Ears 20 Euro
Dimples on elbows and knees 20 Euro
Buttom cleft 5 Euro
Extra weight 25 Euro
Magnetic pacifier 25 Euro

20 cm mini doll with one-piece-body and outfit consisting of pants, shirt and cap 110 Euro

30 cm cuddle doll with a velvet body and sewn-on cap 90 Euros

Here is the difference between doll childs and baby dolls: The childs have straight arms and legs and a rather slim shape by what they appear older. The babys have bent arms and legs and are a bit chubbier.

Payment is possible via Paypal and bank transfer and due within 7 days from date of invoice.

The price for international registered shipping from Germany depends on the parcel’s weight and the destination, and is between 15,99 and 47,99 Euros.

If you would like to know what my prices are in your currency, you will find many currency converters on the internet, for example at www.xe.com.

Tutorials for the Making of Dolls and Doll Clothes

In addition to making dolls, I also enjoy designing doll clothes and various doll types. In my Etsy shop I offer eBooks for the making of dolls and doll clothes as well as material kits and supply for doll making.

There are seven doll making eBooks available at the moment. They are for the dolls Mitzi, Baby Twink, Pip and Kulla, for the knitted doll Letti as well as for the felted head doll Charlie Bo plus the collection From Tip To Toe about the creation of lovely little details and special features. Your self-made dolls can be dressed up with two eBooks for creating clothes for older doll children and baby dolls.

Here you will find lots of pictures of Mariengold dolls that might encourage you to make a doll yourself.

Language Information

Since Mariengold is based in Germany, the business language is German.

I do speak English and interact in this language with my international customers. But I write my bills in German. Also my general terms and conditions are in German. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask – I will gladly inform you about my terms and conditions in English.